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Privacy Policy

1. About
1.1. The portal collects data about visitors in order to determine whether the portal is useful, informative and how to improve it in the future.
1.2. When collecting data on the Portal, we always follow this Privacy Policy, which provides detailed information about what data is collected when it is used and who has access to that data.
1.3. Every visitor has rights that give them control over their privacy, and we ensure that they can be exercised and provide information below on how visitors can do so.

2. Data controller
2.1. The joint controllers of the personal data of the visitors are the companies of the UAB "Miesto energija" group in Lithuania. Contact details can be found HERE
2.2. The respective obligations and relations of UAB "Miesto energija" group companies in relation to visitors are defined in their mutual agreement. You can contact us by e-mail with any questions related to this data protection.

3. General provisions
3.1. This Privacy Policy sets out the basic principles and procedures for the collection, processing and storage of personal data on the portal. The collection, processing and storage of visitors' personal data is established by this Privacy Policy, the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal acts.
3.2. By providing their own personal data, the visitors agree that UAB "Miesto energija" will manage and process them for the purposes, means and procedures provided for in this Privacy Policy and legal acts.

4. Portal traffic statistics
4.1. UAB "Miesto energija" is improving its portal and strives to make it as easy to use as possible. Also, when implementing agreements with state institutions of the Republic of Lithuania on consumer education and consulting on energy efficiency issues, it is important for UAB "Miesto energija" to know how many visitors are connected, which information is most relevant to portal visitors, how often they connect, what browsers and devices they use, what content they read most often, what regions they come from - so similar demographic and statistical data are collected. UAB "Miesto energija" uses this data with a legitimate interest, as well as in order to understand the needs of its visitors and provide services and make the published information more accessible.
4.2. UAB "Miesto energija" collects this information using an automated Google Analytics tool that allows you to capture and analyze how visitors use the portal. For more information on how Google Analytics works and what information this tool allows you to collect and analyze, visit
4.3. Any visitor can turn off Google Analytics's data collection feature at any time at


5. Cookies
5.1. What are cookies?
5.1.1. A cookie is a small text element that a portal stores on a visitor’s computer or mobile device when a visitor visits the portal. This allows the portal to remember the visitor's actions and settings (such as login name, language, font sizes, and other video settings) for a period of time so that the visitor does not have to enter them each time they revisit the portal or browse individual websites.
5.2. How does UAB "Miesto energija" use cookies?
5.2.1. UAB "Miesto energija" uses cookies to collect visitors' IP address and browsing information, such as visits to the portal or time spent on each website. This allows the portal to remember the visitor's system and settings.
5.2.2. Cookies are installed on the visitor's device only with the visitor's consent, except for cookies, which are necessary exclusively for the technical operation of the portal. It should be noted that if the visitor does not grant the portal the right to use cookies, some functions of the portal may not work partially or completely.
5.2.3. The legal basis for the use of cookies is the legitimate interest of UAB Miesto Energija to ensure the technical functioning of the portal. In cases where cookies are used to remember the visitor's choices and to collect statistics, the legal basis for the use of cookies is the visitor's consent.
5.3. How to manage cookies?
5.3.1 The visitor can manage and / or delete cookies - how to do it -


6. Server Records
6.1. The server hosting the portal can also record the queries you make to the server (the address of the portal the visitor opens, the device and browser used by the visitor, the visitor's IP address, and the connection time). This data is used for technical purposes only - to ensure the proper and secure operation of the portal and to investigate possible security breaches.
6.2. The basis for the collection and use of this data is the legitimate interest of UAB Miesto Energija in ensuring the technical accessibility and security of the portal.

7. Profiling
7.1. UAB "Miesto energija" can use the statistics of the portal visitors to analyze the traffic and demographic. The portal also creates an individual personal profile for its users.
7.2. The portal services are provided in a subsystem account (hereinafter referred to as the account), to which the user can log in using a specially designed login, which allows to identify the user using the provided personally identifiable login data (hereinafter referred to as login data).
7.3. Login data is provided to the prospective user upon arrival at E-energy and upon submission of a request in the prescribed form using the possibilities provided by the portal.
7.4. The user undertakes and must store his / her login password and login name, as well as other data. The User undertakes and must not disclose to any other third parties the login data provided to him / her by the portal subsystem, and upon disclosing them and / or learning about the possible disclosure to third parties, immediately contact the UAB "Miesto energija" group company with a request to change the login details, and blocked if revealed.

8. Who has access to the data
8.1. Access to statistical data on visitors to UAB "Miesto energija" is available to employees of UAB "Miesto energija" working in the IT departments of UAB "Miesto energija" group companies, who are responsible for the analysis of these data and the improvement of the portal.
8.2. Also, access to technical records may be available to UAB "Miesto energija" partners who provide UAB "Miesto energija" portal content management tools or UAB "Miesto energija" portal hosting services.
8.3. The Google Analytics tool is provided by Google Inc. (a U.S. company), so it also has access to the statistics collected by this tool. Google Inc. is committed to the EU-US Privacy Policy, which ensures that your service provider complies with EU privacy standards. This provider is also subject to contractual privacy obligations. About this -  HERE.
8.4. The access to the user login data is available to the employees of UAB "Miesto energija" working in the IT of UAB "Miesto energija" group companies, as well as in the customer service departments, which are responsible for providing this data.

9. How long the data is stored
9.1. The portal uses the collected traffic data for analysis for 50 months.
9.2. Cookies are valid for a short time (one day, a week or a month), but in some cases they can be valid for up to one year.


10. Limitation of Liability
10.1. The specialization of the portal is the presentation of information in the subsystem of the portal and the publication of various news relevant to users. However, the user is responsible for using the advice. The material provided on the portal may contain technical inaccuracies. UAB "Miesto energija" reserves the right to make changes or corrections to the portal at any time. UAB "Miesto energija" does not guarantee that the operation of the portal subsystem service will be uninterrupted and error-free, that defects will be corrected or that the portal subsystem service will be protected from viruses or other harmful components. The visitor understands and agrees that any material he reads, downloads or otherwise receives through the portal or portal subsystem service is at the sole disposal and risk of the visitor, therefore must take appropriate security measures, and the visitor is solely responsible for any damage caused to the visitor's computer. system, the information stored in it.
10.2. In all cases, UAB Miesto Energija is not responsible for the user's improper and (or) careless handling of the data connected to the portal subsystem and any consequences arising or arising from their loss or becoming known to third parties. The user must keep the login details provided to him secret and not disclose them to third parties.

11. Visitor rights and how to exercise them
11.1. After contacting UAB "Miesto energija" e-mail email, you can exercise the right:
11.1.1. to get acquainted with the processed personal data;
11.1.2. request the correction of personal data;
11.1.3. request the deletion of personal data;
11.1.4. if applicable, withdraw consent to allow the processing of personal data.
11.1.5. In some cases, you may have the right to request a restriction on the processing of personal data or to refuse to process personal data.
11.2. The visitor may exercise his / her rights in accordance with the provisions of the applicable EU and Lithuanian legal acts.
11.3. If the visitor requests the deletion of his personal data, UAB "Miesto energija" will keep only such copies of information as are necessary to protect the legitimate interests of third parties, comply with obligations of state authorities, resolve disputes, identify disturbances or oblige to comply with any agreements entered into by the visitor. with UAB "Miesto energija".


12. Right to lodge a complaint
12.1. If a visitor considers that his or her right to privacy has been violated, he or she can lodge a complaint with the relevant authority in the EU country in which he or she resides. Contact details of such authorities


13. Suggestions
13.1. If you have any questions or suggestions, write to us at

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